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Hello! We welcome you to Mattress Stop.

My name is Meg and I have a little son Adam who is now just 1 y.o. I always believed that sleep is one of the most important actions performed by humans, so it is necessary to make sure that you get enough of it and that you care about its quality. When I was pregnant with my little one, I became more aware of how exactly sleep itself, as well as the sleeping environment, affect one’s health. I want to make sure that my little boy stays healthy and happy, so I decided to start this website to chare my knowleghe with other sleep enthusiats who take care of themselves and their close ones.

Mattress Stop is a platform that brings together sleep enthusiasts who believe that mattresses are you gateway to proper sleep. It is our mission to share with your accurate and relevant news, reviews and analysis of all the new products available in the market that will enable you enhance and enjoy your sleep. We want to make you sleep like a baby.

As our name suggests, mattress stop was originally developed to offer consumers reviews on mattresses, offering analysis on the best, affordable, comfortable, and durable mattresses available in the market. However, I is apparent that mattresses don’t exist in a vacuum. They are part of your bedroom which in most cases is your sanctuary. Therefore our content will extend beyond mattresses and cover all things sleep.

We will deliberately refrain from puff pieces and focus on real customer experiences that can be verified. We therefore welcome you to keep us in check and feel free to call us out if we don’t keep our word.

We truly appreciate you, our reader as you take your precious time from your busy schedule to read our blog. We truly hope you are doing so while relaxing on one of the mattresses we helped you choose.


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