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Rules to create a perfect bedroom

So, you are through with shopping for mattresses and now it’s time to come back home and convert your sanctuary into a perfect bedroom. Well, the mattress was just the first step. In addition to your mattress, other additional measure have to be put in place to ensure your bedroom becomes a sleeping sanctuary. All […]

What are the best mattresses on the market now?

Mattresses are some of the products that morph every year as manufacturers compete to develop new mattress innovation. This is mostly influenced by consumer preferences, new beds, trends and technologies. For the average user, it is obviously difficult to keep up with these developments especially if you haven’t been mattress shopping in quite a long […]

How to choose right mattress

Shopping for mattresses is one of the most difficult experiences. On the surface, all mattresses look good and strong but unfortunately, just like cars, what lies under the hood matter a lot. We thought it would be wise to share with you a quick guide on the most important things you need to look at […]