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Shopping for mattresses is one of the most difficult experiences. On the surface, all mattresses look good and strong but unfortunately, just like cars, what lies under the hood matter a lot. We thought it would be wise to share with you a quick guide on the most important things you need to look at as you are choosing the right mattress for you.

#1 You must be sure it’s time to replace your mattress

Based on years of research, it is generally agreed that you need to replace your mattresses after 8 years of continuous use. This is of course influenced by a number of factors such as the quality of your mattresses and how frequently they were slept on. Basically, before you start stressing yourself on this daunting task of mattress shopping, ensure that your current mattress has outlived its usefulness.

#2 You need to know what mattress type best suits you

Knowing how to decide the type of mattress that best suits you is quite important before you go out shopping for mattresses. The good thing is that your choice of mattresses generally boils down to two things, either foam or coils. Foam mattresses offer a great hug, contours and a good and unique feel, whereas coil mattresses are more traditional with their typical great bounce. You need to know which between the two suits you best.

#3 Your budget dictates what you can buy

For better success in your mattress shopping, it is advisable to save up as the more money you have the more your options. Very little money limits you to the cheap options which do not last whereas a significantly large budget offers you better options. Just note that in this case, cheap is definitely expensive in the long run.

#4 Your weight determines your mattress type

This is one of the situations where it’s important to know how much you weigh as it will determine the type of mattress you buy.Heavier people require mattresses with more support in contrast to less heavier people.

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