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Rules to create a perfect bedroom

So, you are through with shopping for mattresses and now it’s time to come back home and convert your sanctuary into a perfect bedroom. Well, the mattress was just the first step. In addition to your mattress, other additional measure have to be put in place to ensure your bedroom becomes a sleeping sanctuary. All have to do with the environment you set up. Below are a couple of tips on how to create a perfect bedroom.


#1 Your bedroom colors need to promote sleep

The key to a perfect bedroom is one that exudes calm and this always promotes sleep. Your walls should have soothing colors which make you feel like taking a breath of fresh air every time you step into the room. Some color suggestions include soothing shades such as blues and grays; warm shades such as soft beige; or neutral shades.


#2 Your bed has to be your priority

Your bed is often the center piece in a perfect bedroom as it is the place most of your time is spent. You generally spend a third of your day in your bed therefore plenty of attention has to be put here to ensure you enjoy your time on it. Your mattress forms the foundation of your bed therefore you must be willing to invest in a good one.


#3 You must keep your bedroom clean

The key to a perfect bedroom is learning how to keep it clean. Cleanliness is very important for optimal sleep. Cleanliness is not just about scrubbing your floorboards or ensuring you have clean bedding, keeping clutter down contributes significantly to a perfect bedroom environment.

It goes without saying that your bedroom should not be an office, your perfect bedroom is your sanctuary, a place only meant for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual relaxation.

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